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PAN 999 Saucepan Round Handles

c. 2015

by Tobia Scarpa

Saucepan 22x8cm 999 Tobia Scarpa San Lorenzo 1

Pure silver and pure iron are used in this award-winning collec­tion of cooking tools by Tobia Scarpa, includ­ing the Pan999 Saucepan. This inno­va­tion of silver binding with pure iron found that silver is a better conduc­tor of heat than copper, able to diffuse it in a uniform manner, allow­ing food to be cooked rapidly at a low temper­a­ture and thus preserv­ing its nutri­ent value, avoid­ing burning and perform­ing an antibacterial action.

Sulfi­da­tion (black­en­ing) of the silver surface during cooking is normal and to be expected. It occurs without any nega­tive effect on health and on food quality and can be peri­od­i­cally removed with the non-toxic White of Spain (puri­fied clay) included with each piece. Strew clay over silver surface and rub with damp paper towel or cloth, then rinse.

All pieces of the Pan 999 collec­tion are sold indi­vid­u­ally at Cooks & Poets.

Tobia Scarpa

Tobia Scarpa

Born in 1935 in Venice, Italy, Tobia Scarpa is a designer and architect. He studied architecture at the Università Iuav di Venezia, graduating in 1969. From ergonomically functional furniture to cutting-edge cookware, he has been known for decades for his designs, blending cultural history into everything he creates.

Scarpa’s career has been filled with significant honors, including the Compasso d'Oro Award in 1969 and The International Forum Design Hanover Award in 1992. His works are included in the collections of cultural institutions such as The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Louvre, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

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