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Cheese Knife in Plum Wood

c. 2011

by Sarah Weiner

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The Cheese Knife by Sarah Weiner is a reflec­tion of the designer’s skills and passions. Sarah Wiener under­stands her craft. As a TV chef, book author and owner of four restau­rants she stands for food prepa­ra­tion that is based on precise know-how and fresh ingre­di­ents rather than dramatic effects. Each and every Sarah Wiener knife is produced by Pott in over 90 manual steps. Produced in 2012, the forged blade and sleek plum wood makes it easy to slice and hold. 

Pott flat­ware, knives and acces­sories are all dish­washer safe however we always recom­mend hand washing when possi­ble. For Pott knives, hand washing is ideal as to not dull the blade or be exposed to acidic food remnants. Regular main­te­nance, such as wiping your stain­less steel prod­ucts with a non-abra­sive metal cleaner or using silver polish for all ster­ling prod­ucts, will ensure that you can enjoy their appeal and elegance for decades. Pott can refur­bish your flat­ware and sharpen your knives, as well as replace damaged blades. The tradi­tional craft­ing process of Pott prod­ucts is your warranty for a perfect and endur­ing quality product.

Sarah Weiner


Some people who are passionate about food become chefs. Some become culinary designers. Others, politicians. Sarah Wiener is one of the few to do all three of those things.

Born in 1962 and raised in Vienna, Wiener worked her way up restaurants’ back-of-house before opening her own in Berlin in 1999. Ten years later, countless spots across the city bore her imprint, including the restaurants for the German Museum of Technology, the Academy of the Arts, the Museum for Communication, and Futurim—not to mention Stuttgart’s Mercedes-Benz Museum. Her celebrity status skyrocketed when, in 2007, she launched cooking shows on the European tv network Arte and Austria public broadcaster ORF.

That same year, she initiated a non-profit foundation dedicated to encouraging healthy eating, a principal she brought with her upon winning election in 2019 to the European Parliament, where she serves as a member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. In 2013, she was awarded a membership in the Chevalier of the Order national du Mérite. Recognizing the tools one uses is as important as the ingredients, Wiener has partnered with Germany’s iconic Pott for a collection of handmade knives, manufactured by Mono.

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