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Mono E Flatware

Mono E 5pc Top Packshot without shadow Mono V flatware Mono V flatware

Intro­duc­ing Mono E, a time­less master­piece of flat­ware design conceived as an exten­sion of the iconic Mono A collec­tion by the vision­ary Peter Raacke in 1960. Crafted with preci­sion, Mono E features ebony wood handles expertly riveted on both sides, creat­ing an aesthetic that grace­fully marries natural elements with stain­less steel sophistication.

The ebony wood’s rich, invit­ing finish offers a capti­vat­ing contrast to the gleam­ing stain­less steel, setting a stan­dard of luxury that tran­scends time. While not dish­washer-safe due to the wooden compo­nents, Mono E assures dura­bil­ity that can span decades with proper care and attention.

The knife blade, forged from hard­ened blade steel, exem­pli­fies endur­ing sharp­ness and strength. This set seam­lessly comple­ments the Mono A collec­tion, allow­ing you to curate a dining expe­ri­ence that exudes refine­ment and elegance.

In the early 1960s, Mono A found its perfect compan­ions in Mono E (ebony) and Mono T (teak). While main­tain­ing the Mono A fork and spoon’s iconic shapes, Mono E and T enrich the expe­ri­ence with their double-sided riveted wood handles, creat­ing a compelling visual inter­play with the stainless steel.

Ebony, known for its extra­or­di­nary dura­bil­ity, stands up to daily use and expo­sure to water, provided it receives proper care and respect. However, these trea­sures are not suited for dish­washer clean­ing. With the knife blade’s cutting-edge hard­ened steel, endur­ing perfor­mance is guaranteed.