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SK59 Ham Slicer

c. 2020

Ham Slicer Gido Wahrmann Mono Cooksand Poets 1

A fine cut of meat deserves a fine imple­ment to cut it, and Gido Wharmann’s SK59 Ham Slicer is exactly that. Its ergonomic, fiber­glass-rein­forced polyamide handle is molded directly upon its 14cm blade of Sandvik 12C2TM high-perfor­mance steel, which affords users a power­ful grip and a precise carve. The knife is a high­light of the SK59 series, which won the 2021 German Design Award. Never porous, always resis­tant to corro­sion, the forward-facing design contin­ues the legacy of the fifth-gener­a­tion company, beloved since 1895 for cutlery and acces­sories which can take as many 90 steps to fashion and will last more than a lifetime.

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